About Us

One management event company has been in the exhibition management profession for more than 10 years in India and have successful exhibition brands called 'London Market', 'CandyPOPS', 'Princess Day Out', 'Magique for Arte`’. We organize 11 Fashion exhibitions each year,having a client base of more than 5000 Fashion Designers with categories of pret, couture, footwear, jewellery, stoles, scarves, bags, home linen & decor. Our exhibitions are well known among the fashion community.

Our Ventures

Magique for Arte

Magique for Arteˋ is an exhibition that showcases the most exquisite items across categories like jewellery, fashion, entertainment, automobile and even real estate from across the world. It is dedicated and curated especially keeping in mind the new and upcoming trends and the choice of elites.


'CandyPOPS' is a two-day long event, filled with various activities that are specially crafted to celebrate children and instill curiosity in them. The event brings some of the biggest names in kid’s entertainment, giving young minds a golden opportunity to learn amidst their loved ones.

Princess Day Out

A special fair that allows visitors to pick the latest, hippest and fashionable across fashion, art and food. Princess Day Out is organised and showcased over 3 days and is the perfect destination for shopaholics, foodies and kids, making it a wholesome event for everyone.


A place where top designers of the industry meet & present their most exclusive products & services. Prive aims to harmonise beauty & equity, style & durability, while exhibiting both new & established brands of the fashion segment, across garments, jewellery, bags, accessories, footwear, home décor, bed linen, & beauty.


London Market app has been created for the designers who want to sell from anywhere in the world. It facilitates our vendor clients to start selling through our e-commerce platform. The whole USP of this App is to have the power to sell their products sitting at one place-
'THE WHOLE WORLD IN OUR HANDS'. Our clients would be ready to sell their products within 10 minutes on our App. The App is self-sufficient for the designers to take photographs of their collection from their smartphone and post it for selling.

Our logistics & payment gateway tie up has also been completed.

Secondly, we are also opening our App for the Designer Community all over the world. Whether you are in London, Milan, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Bangkok, South Korea, Japan, the designers & brands can sell on our App within 10 minutes.

Vendor Flow Chart

Fill up the google form at https://forms.gle/de7PeJU1k4CMGoPm7. Our Back Office will open an account for the seller after receiving the google form, and the seller will receive a confirmation mail.
The seller can now login to the 'Seller Dashboard' or simply login from the Seller App and start adding their products. The seller can login at www.londonmarket.in, your mobile number is your user id & the password.
The seller will receive an email when a purchase order is made. The purchased details including buyer name & address would be mentioned in the email. The seller can now also view the order details from the Orders section. The seller now has to courier the order & change the status in the Orders section to shipped. When changing the status, it will ask for the name of the courier company & the tracking number. Please fill in both these details.
If the order is accepted by the buyer, without any return or exchange, the amount after deducting commission & GST would be released after 15 days. The ledger credit of the seller can be viewed in the Stats/Reports section on the App. The seller can also see the payments made details in the Payments section.

Three commission structures have been made by London Market-

  1. 20% commission on sales.
  2. 10% commission on sales, plus an annual subscription charge of INR 10,000.
  3. INR 27,000 annual subscription, no commission on sales
A GST of 18% would be levied on the commission amount. The seller would also get an input credit for this amount.

Commission chargeable example for all 3 scenarios- The seller has an average monthly sales of INR 30,000, therefore, a turnover of INR 3,60,000 in an year.

Scenario 1 as per point E- Commission- 20% of INR 3,60,000 is INR 72,000. The seller will be paying London Market INR 72,000 as commission in an year.

Scenario 2 as per point E- Commission - 10% of 3,60,000 is INR 36,000. The seller will be paying London Market INR 36,000 as commission & INR 10,000 as subscription charges, totaling INR 46,000 in an year.

Scenario 3 as per point E- Commission> - The seller will be paying only INR 27,000 as the annual subscription to London Market, without any commission for an year.

Please note that the GST would be applicable on all the 3 options, and the input credit would be given to the GST registered seller.
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